Abstract and paper publication

Participants intending to present a paper at the symposium are required to submit an abstract or an extended abstract in due time, and there will be both oral and poster presentations. A programme and collection of submitted abstracts will be provided for all participants in the symposium proceedings.

Participants are encouraged to submit manuscripts based on their presentations at the symposium to the journal Cold Regions Science and Technology (www.journals.elsevier.com/cold-regions-science-and-technology). Submissions to the journal will not be contingent on presentation at the symposium, and material presented at the symposium is not necessarily affirmed as being suitable for consideration for the journal.

Abstract guidlines

Maximum text length is  200 words.

An extended abstract, maximum length  four to six A4 pages including text, figures, tables and references, can also be submitted.

Format the abstract using 2.5 cm margins, 12pt Times New Roman typeface and single line spacing.

Abstracts/papers accepted for the sym­pos­ium, for oral and poster presentation, will be dist­ributed to the participants at the sym­pos­ium.

Ab­stracts should be submitted be­fore November 21, 2018.

To ensure unique filenames, the name of the Word file with the abstract should be Snow2019_AUTHOR­NAME_abstract.docx.

Those who wish, may submit an extended ab­­stract before January 31, 2019. The symposium proceedings will contain the 200-word abstracts for those who choose not to submit an extended abstract.

The best way to ensure correct formatting is to save the guidelines as a new file and replace the contents with the contents of your abstract while keeping the predefined styles

Please find abstract template below.

Extended template

Abstract submission

Please upload abstracts to the “abstracts” folder and extended abstracts to the “eabstracts” folder.

Word templates for formatting each type of abstract can be downloaded from the upload directories

Questions about submission of abstracts should be sent to tj@vedur.is

Abstract submission